Minus K Technology

Minus K vibration isolation systems can be made vacuum compatible so they can be used right inside vacuum chambers. In addition to their superior vibration isolation performance, this offers other advantages of much lower payload weights, more compact systems, and eliminates problems associated with vacuum chamber feed-throughs.

Our vibration isolation systems have also been used to support entire vacuum chambers. This offers the advantages of more standard designs and lower costs in some cases.


Modifications for to the isolators based on your application requirements could include:
• Use of Stainless Hardware

• Removal of Paint and/or Powder Coating

• Removal of Anodizing

• Replacement of Nylon or Plastic Parts

• Electroless Nickel on Steel Parts

• Venting Blind Holes

• Use of Vacuum Grease for Low Outgassing

• Passivation of heat treated parts

• Bare Aluminum

• Ultra Sonic cleaning of parts

• Mechanical tilt flexure

We'll need to provide custom pricing for vacuum applications (the price is typically 3 times the standard units)

Minus K Vacuum Modified BM-1

Vibration Isolation Inside Vacuum Chambers

Five Minus K CM-1CV vacuum-compatible isolators supporting the Zerodur optics within the high-resolution spectrometer of the Keck Planet FinderTelescope
The Keck Planet Finder Telescope high-resolution spectrometer rendering

Three vacuum-compatible Minus K 500CM-1CV Vacuum isolators within the invar optical table for the Roman Space Telescope optical testbed
Roman Space Telescope optical testbed vacuum chamber rendering


Four vacuum-compatible Minus K 800CM-1CV Vacuum to support the ATLAS instrument for the thermal vacuum testing of IceSAT 2
IceSAT 2 thermal vacuum testing vacuum chamber rendering


Three 1350 lb capacity Vacuum Minus K SM-1s for the
SCDU in JPL's testbed configuration.
SCDU testbed rendering

Vibration Isolation Outside Vacuum Chambers (Above or Below)

Six Minus K custom 10,000 lb. to support the ground testing process of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)
JWST ground testing within the Johnson Space Center Vacuum Chamber A rendering


Four Minus K SM-1 0.5 Hz Vibration Isolators for Brutus Vacuum Chamber to support the Brutus Vacuum Chamber for the Spitzer Space Telescope
Spitzer Space Telescope CTA testing - Brutuss vacuum chamber rendering




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