Minus K Technology

Cryostats often contain very sensitive instrumentation.  They come in many different shapes, sizes and weights.  Whether you are doing low temperature AFM, NMR or something else, we have several options available.

If your lab is on an upper floor of a building, air isolators may not be able to provide you enough isolation to get rid of building modes.  In the worst case, the building might have a low resonant frequency close to that of the air table’s.  If this is the case, you can have amplification of the buildings vibrations.  Obviously, this is not ideal.  Our 1/2 Hz isolators will isolate at these low frequencies and will give your cryostat the best possible vibration isolation. 

Our isolators can be mounted on a set of pedestals as shown in the image to optimize our interface.  Of course, your cryostat may not have mounting brackets such as these shown.  We can work with you to determine the best way to incorporate our isolators into your system.  Minus K can design bracketry for you, or work with you and advise on the best way to build and incorporate them.

Sample Cryostat on three Minus K CM-1s & pedestals
Arizona State Cryostat on three Minus K BM-1s