Minus K Technology

Micro Hardness Testers and Nano Indenters offer information about the surface of many materials and/or coatings.  They can characterize materials surfaces in very fine detail.  They can be quite sensitive to vibrations that increase the noise floor of critical measurements.  The method of actually doing the measurements varies by manufacturer, but the fundamental mechanical path is similar.  In all cases, the instruments need to be as still as possible to get the best performance.  Some of the instruments are most sensitive to the vertical axes while others are more sensitive to the horizontal.

Minus K Technology isolators are unique in that they can deliver 0.5 Hz performance both vertically and horizontally.  Most other isolators delivery their best performance vertically (which is typically the most important axis to isolate) and lower performance horizontally.  While this is ok for some applications, there are those, such as some micro hardness testers that are most sensitive horizontally.  For those instruments, our isolators offer by far the best isolation available. 

If you have no choice but to place on of these instruments on the upper floor of a building, our isolators can make it possible to get the best performance possible.  We have provided isolation solutions for many happy customers facing this very problem.

MTS Nano Indenter SA2 on Minus K BA-1
Agilent Technologies Nano Indenter G200 on Minus K OEM BM-8
Bruker Hysitron TI Premier Nanoindenter
with fully intergrated Minus K BM-4

Micro Materials NanoTest Vantage Micro Hardress Tester
with fully intergrated Minus K BM-1



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