Minus K Technology

Minus K engineers can design a variety of custom vibration isolation systems. Frequently these are modifications of other designs such as changing the load capacity of an SM-1 isolator, or the capacity, size and isolator locations on a FP-1 Platform. Some other custom modifications and capabilities include:

  • Different vertical, horizontal or tilt stiffness in an isolator
  • Different vertical, horizontal or tilt damping in an isolator
  • Vacuum compatibility
  • Mildly magnetic or nonmagnetic behavior
  • Heavy load capacities (Six 10,000 lb isolators for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Ground Testing)
  • Large displacements
  • Large temperature variations
  • Compact systems (e.g., a seven-inch cubic 1/2 Hz isolator for a 700 lb payload; a six-inch diameter by 4-inches tall 1/2 Hz vibration isolation platform for a 3 lb payload.)
  • Vertical auto-adjust feature to automatically adjust for change in payload weight.
  • Lock-unlock feature implemented manually with a switch or automatically with signals, from a stage motion control system, for example.
Custom Table top with Four Resessed Minus K CM-1s & pedestals