Minus K Technology

Minus K vibration isolation systems offer significant advantages for patch clamping, electrophysiology measurements, fluorescent dye imaging, genomic sequencing and other applications in biology and neuroscience. They eliminate the nuisance of air and outperform air tables by a factor of 10 to 100, depending on the vibration frequency. The bench top platforms are compact, saving valuable lab space, and are easy to move around.

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Vibration can be caused by a multitude of factors that are internal and external to the building in which the system resides, including vibrations from heating and ventilation system, fans, pumps, and elevators as well as vibrations from adjacent road traffic, nearby construction, loud noise from aircraft, and even wind and other weather conditions that can cause movement of the structure. These internal and external influences cause vibrations as low as 2 hertz (Hz) that can create strong disturbances in sensitive equipment.

Pacific Biosciences Automated Genomic Sequencer Sequel System with fully intergrated customized Minus K BM-6
Aquyre Biosciences Celtivity cart - two minute biopsy sytem with a fully intergrated Minus K BM-8 (16" wide)
Bruker Biospin Ascend Aeon 950 NMR magnet with two fully intergrated customized Minus K LC-4Us


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