Minus K Technology

Tips for Selecting the Most Cost-Effective Minus K Vibration Isolator

    1. Select a standard product, if possible.
    2. If the size and weight capacity are adequate, select the BM-6 if moderate performance is acceptable and the vibrations are not severe.  Its vertical performance is comparable to a full size air table and its horizontal performance is substantially better.
    3. Select a bench top platform, if practical, instead of a workstation (The MK26 uses the BM-1 isolator so the performance is essentially the same).  The bench top platform can be supported on any reasonably sturdy table or bench, even one made of wood.
    4. Select a single platform, if possible, rather than multiple isolators or platforms.
    5. Select the smallest practical model (e.g., BM-10 vs. BM-8 or BM-4 vs. BM-1) 
    6. Select a unit with manual adjustment rather than automatic adjustment, if practical, e.g., BM-1 vs. BA-1.
    7. If the payload weight slightly exceeds the load capacity of a standard model and low horizontal natural frequency is required, contact Minus K Technology about a custom modification to increase the load range, rather than using the next highest capacity model and ballast weight. 

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