Vibration Isolation Platforms, Tables, Isolators & Systems

When you need vibration isolation you need
Negative-Stiffness technology from Minus K

Without Minus K Vibration Isolation
With Minus K Vibration Isolation

The best performance and the lowest price.
Now that's hard to beat!

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0.5 Hz Vertical & 1.5 Hz Horizontal
0.5 Hz Vertical & 0.5 Hz Horizontal

* Light and Easy to use

* 6 Degrees Of Freedom (DOF)

* Low Cost

* Costs a fraction of typical active systems

No Air or Electricity required


Some people don't realize that a vibration isolator can improve their images


Completely passive
vibration isolation

Minus K works with many aerospace and education laboratories for custom vibration isolation systems

Isolators can be adapted for
cleanroom and vacuum applications

Improve your images with our patented Negative-Stiffness technology
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