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Laser Interferometer Vibration IsolationMinus K Technology
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Minus K Technology produces ultrahigh-performance passive vibration isolators. Our growing list of users includes many of the world's leading manufacturers of SPMs, micro-hardness testers, profilers and interferometers. Our passive isolators are highly robust, require no air or electricity, are lightweight, easy to set up and effectively maintenance-free. Minus K's patented negative stiffness technology can achieve 0.5 Hz isolation, outperforming air tables by 10 to 100 times and even outperforming much more costly and less robust active systems. Minus K Technology is introducing a new line of low-profile isolators for benchtop applications. The new BM-6 is only 4.5 inches tall, yet offers idealized air table performance (2.5 Hz vertically and 1.5 Hz horizontally), weighs only 30 pounds and requires no leveling feet. The only adjustment is a single knob. The BM-6 is perfect for microscopes, profilers and optics that need isolation where no space is available for an air table. Minus K Technology is also previewing the new ultrahigh performance BM-8, in the same compact packaging as the BM-6, and offering our signature 0.5 Hz vertical isolation for the most demanding benchtop applications.

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