Minus K Technology

Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention - October 2007

Ultralow-Frequency Vibration Isolation Workstation Introduced

Vibration Control Workstation Table for Probing Microscopy

In a joint venture with Kinetic Systems, Minus K Technology, Inc. has released the MK26 Series Vibration Control Workstation, specifically designed for ultralow natural frequency applications and negative stiffness vibration isolators, to provide a compact, passive vibration isolation workstation with excellent vertical and horizontal isolation efficiencies. Based on field testing and user evaluations, the Minus K 1/2-Hz vibration isolation workstation performs approximately 10-l00x belter than high-performance air tables, depending on vibration isolation frequencies, and better than active or electronic-cancellation systems.

The MK26 Series can be configured for a wide variety for applications and customized with a broad range of vibration isolation workstation accessories. Unique features include ultralow natural frequencies; vibradamped frame; no air supply or electric power needed; choice of tabletops; ergonomic styling; Class 100 Clean Room compatible; Class 10 available; and no maintenance.

For more information: Minus K Technology, Inc., 460 South Hindry Ave., Unit C, Inglewood, CA 90301; tel: 310/348/9656; fax: 310/348/9638

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