Minus K Technology

Laser Interferometer Vibration IsolationMinus K Technology has just released a compact, high-capacity, low-frequency negative-stiffness isolator designed to support heavy payloads while reducing low-frequency vibrations.

The LC-4 isolator comes in several capacity ranges to match vibration-sensitive instruments such as SPMs, AFMs, STMs, micro-hardness testers, profilers, interferometers, electron microscopes and other imaging systems, for weight loads from 1 to 130lbs.

The LC-4 comes in two versions (Low Freqency Horizontal, and Ultra-Low frequency Horizontal). Both versions can deliver a vertical natural frequency of 0.5 Hz or less, which can be achieved over the entire load range.  Horizontal natural frequency is load dependent. The Low Frequency version has a 1.5 Hz natural frequency, while the Ultra-Low Frequency version can achieve 0.5 Hz or less near the nominal loads.

As with all Minus K isolators, the LC-4 is completely passive, using no air or electricity.  The new isolators can be combined into multi-isolator systems to support heavier payloads while taking up very little room themselves (4.75” wide x 4.75” deep x 7” high). The LC-4 isolators can be placed inside OEM equipment as needed enabling the systems to achieve much better isolation.

The LC-4 isolators can be customised to achieve user-specific needs, and can also be made cleanroom or vacuum compatible.