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INGLEWOOD, Calif., May 11, 2006 - Minus K Technology, a leading manufacturer of vibration isolation products, will demonstrate it's new ultra compact high performance vibration isolation platform at the CLEO/QELS Conference in May in booth #1848. The new BM-10 incorporates the Minus K patented NegativeTM Stiffness technology, providing its signature half-Hertz performance in the most compact bench top platform available.

This platform, only 12 inches square and 4.7 inches tall, is ideal for small SPMs and other instruments where lab and bench space are at a premium.

"Many of our customers have asked us to create an ultra compact isolation platform to improve lab efficiency", said David Platus, president and chief executive officer of Minus K Technology.

"The BM-6 and BM-8, the first members of our low profile family of isolators, are designed to allow more vertical space for user equipment above the isolators. The BM-10 follows on the heels of our new BM-6 and BM-8 platforms, and continues to build on the success of our platform designs incorporating the patented Minus K Negative Stiffness technology. The BM-10 furthers our strategic goal to deliver cost-effective high performance isolation over a wide range of applications."

The new BM-10 offers 0.5-Hz vertical natural frequency and 1.5 Hz horizontal natural frequency in an easy to use and install passive platform with exceptionally low cost of ownership. It is available in 10 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb models that will support payloads of a few grams up to 55 lbs (25 kg). The Minus K patented Negative Stiffness technology offers performance that exceeds that of costlier active and air-based solutions, and without the need for high mass or expensive facilities for power and air. Consequently, the BM-X family is easy to transport between labs or from facility to facility. The Negative Stiffness technology is extremely robust making installation, setup, and operation quick and easy, without special tools.

The BM-10 is now available starting at a list price of $2,300. It is a featured product on Minus K's website.

Minus K Technology, Inc. is a leading global supplier of high performance vibration isolation products, systems and services to a wide range of markets from biology and neuroscience to aerospace, semiconductors, and nanotechnology. Minus K's innovative solutions leverage its expertise in vibration isolation to enhance the capabilities and productivity of its customers' manufacturing, engineering and research applications. Minus K is the vibration isolation platform of choice for many critical applications, providing end-user and OEM solutions to commercial, academic and government customers worldwide. They are an OEM supplier to leading manufactures of SPMs, micro-hardness testers and other sensitive instruments, and they have sold to more than 200 universities and government laboratories in 35 countries. Founded in 1993, Minus K is headquartered in Inglewood, California.

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