Minus K Technology

An Accessory for Old School Audiophiles

Newer isn't always better. That's the mantra that fuels the analog niche of the consumer electronics industry, which has steadfastly believed that IPs, tubes and other analog gear sound better than CD, solid state or any other digital format available to the masses. Minus K Technology's newly released low-height vibration platform is designed to improve the sound quality of turntables, tube amps and other components. The company's patented negative-stiffness mechanism technology is said to reduce building and floor vibrations to produce a higher level of audio performance. The unit's dimensions are 18-inches x 20-inches x 4.6-inches, and products are offered to handle weights of 25 pounds, 50 pounds and 100 pounds.
MSRPs start at $2,400. Minus K Technology, 310-348-9656, www.minusk.com

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