Minus K Technology

Laser Interferometer Vibration IsolationMinus K Technology builds NASA-grade vibration isolation devices for the scientific community. But audiophiles have discovered that Minus K platforms make superb isolation systems for turntables and other components-purely mechanical devices that operate without electricity or air. Minus K claims its platforms deliver "10 to 100 times better performance than a full-size air table," yet take up much less space.

Best suited for audio applications are the BM-6 and BM-8 tabletop isolation platforms. The units are similar and offer identical 1.5Hz horizontal isolation, but the BM-6 provides 2.5Hz vertical isolation, while the more expensive BM-8 provides "true .5 Hz isolation" in the vertical axis. Both measure 4.6" x 18.6" x 20", and can be ordered to support loads of 25, 50, or 100 pounds. BM-6 models range from $1800-$1900, while BM-8s range from $2400-$2500. Minus K can provide custom versions that can accomodate oversized loads. minusk.com (check out Applications, Audio Reproduction)

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