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(Inglewood, California, March 31, 2016)
Minus K Technology has to-date granted over $45,000 of its superior performing patented Negative-Stiffness low-frequency vibration isolators to the following universities in for their U.S. Educational Giveaway:

We congradulate the following universities as the winners of this year's U.S. Educational Giveaway:

Arizona State University - School for Engineering or Matter, Transport & Energy - Mechanial Engineering
Vibration isolator will be used for measuring near-field radiative heat transfer between two flat parallel surfaces with submicron vacuum gap distances.

Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo - Physics Department
Vibration isolator for use with their in-house interfacial shear rheometer to measure 2D systems as models of soft amorphous solids like foams, concentrated emulsions (e.g. mayonnaise), and bulk metallic glasses.

Northwestern University - Materials Research Center
Vibration isolator will be used with their semi-automatic probe station used to measure electronic devices enabling long-term stability testing of thousands of components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors and others fabricated from many types of new materials..

Stanford University - Applied Physics Department

Vibration isolator will be used to replace the pneumatic legs (additional units to be purchased) of their optical table supporting a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) plus Ultra High Vacuum chamber with cryogenic system.

University of Michigan - Mechanical Engineering Department
Vibration isolator for teaching two new hands on experimental nanotechnology training classes using Atomic Force Microscopy, Nanoscale Metrology and Laser Trapping Interferometry.

University of Tennessee - Nuclear Engineering Department

Vibration isolator will be use to get very high resolution neutron imaging for next generation energy storage technologies.

“Minus K believes that assisting research at the college level is essential for the continued advancements within all disciplines.” says Minus K’s Operations Manager, Steve Varma, “Granting this equipment our way of supporting academia.”

Minus K® Technology, Inc. was founded in 1993 to develop, manufacture and market state-of-the-art vibration isolation products based on the company’s patented negative-stiffness-mechanism technology. Minus K products are used in a broad spectrum of applications including nanotechnology, biological and neuro sciences, semiconductors, materials research, zero-g simulation of spacecraft, and high-end audio. The company is an OEM supplier to leading manufactures of scanning probe microscopes, micro-hardness testers and other vibration-sensitive instruments and equipment. Minus K customers include private companies and more than 300 leading universities and government laboratories in 50 countries.

For more information, please contact Steve Varma at Minus K: (310) 348-9656 or stevev@minusk.com

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