Minus K Technology

For Immediate Release

(Inglewood, California, April 15, 2015)
Minus K Technology has to-date granted more than $20,000 of its superior performing patented Negative-Stiffness low-frequency vibration isolators to universities in the United States.

We congradulate the following universities as the winners of this year's U.S. Educational Giveaway:

Purdue University – Chemistry Department
Vibration isolator for use with their custom-built scanning tunneling microscope (STM).
(The major research thrust of their group is the design of custom scanning probe instrumentation that provides structural resolution within single molecules at the sub-nanometer scale.)

Willamette University - Physics Department
Vibration isolator for use to frequency down-conversion of 846 nm light to 423 nm light in a home-built bow-tie cavity using a BiBO nonlinear crystal. The 423 nm light will be used to cool and trap calcium atoms. (The long term goal of this project is the generation of ultracold dipolar dimers consisting of one rubidium and one calcium atom. One exciting application of these molecules is their potential use in quantum computation.)

Minus K® Technology, Inc. was founded in 1993 to develop, manufacture and market state-of-the-art vibration isolation products based on the company’s patented negative-stiffness-mechanism technology. Minus K products are used in a broad spectrum of applications including nanotechnology, biological and neuro sciences, semiconductors, materials research, zero-g simulation of spacecraft and high-end audio. The company is an OEM supplier to leading manufacturers of scanning probe microscopes, micro-hardness testers and other vibration-sensitive instruments and equipment. Minus K customers include private companies and more than 300 leading universities and government laboratories in 48 countries.

“We feel that granting this equipment is gives something back to our U.S. universities and will assist students in reaching their research goals”, says Minus K’s Operations Manager, Steve Varma.

For more information, please contact Steve Varma at Minus K: (310) 348-9656 or stevev@minusk.com

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